Twin Galaxies

by Delta Sleep

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Recorded and Produced by Thomas Le-Beau Morley at Unit 8c


released June 15, 2015


all rights reserved



Delta Sleep UK

It's been a stacked 12 months for Delta Sleep. The band released the excellent 'Ghost City' (Big Scary Monsters) in August 2018, which saw them land at #1 on the Bandcamp Rock Chart and clock 5million Spotify streams by the close of the year.

Where they would be forgiven for stopping for a breather, they have instead just announced a mini world tour and a new mini album Younger Years
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Track Name: Uncle Ivan
Waves crashing down sing the sound of his demise.
Salty waters rise. His eyes read the end.

Suddenly, he finds himself sat on the head of a giant squid-like beast.

"Hey you what are doing sailing these waters?
Haven't seen your kind around for years"

The young man responds:
"if you're gonna eat me, no need to be friendly.
I'm so weak it won't take me long to break."

Don't stray your path, what you're searching for will come.
There's no need to run. It's fine to wait.

Lift your head, all the birds are flying home.
Now you're not alone. Follow their lead, save your energy.
Track Name: 21 Letters
We look thinner in this picture, so full of life.

Dreams we shared seemed richer, and gave meaning to everything.
A shift in time, we now rely on bad TV and no talking.
This needs to end.

Leave town when words have gone astray and flat, escaped your mouth in ways.
Standing under rain clouds is all we do these days.
Your words have gone astray and flat, escape this town and place,
your hand in mine for rainclouds are not that bad in ways.
Track Name: Lake Sprinkle Sprankle
Oh hi, I did not recognise those eyes in that dress you wore.
Your thighs are stuck in my mind and I'd like to carry them home.

Release, this urge needs feeding.

Now that's done, was it worth the fun?
Tell me, could I be the one for you?
I don't think I thought this through...
So see you around.

I never meant for this, you know I’m damaged goods.

Lately I've listed the reasons why I can't move on,
and why I sleep in the house that we lived in for over three years now.
Staring at paintings recounting the places we'd been together.
I tried to escape but I can't seem shake all these pictures (of us).

The light up on the desk still burning bright.
The way I'm dressed suggests i left it on all night.
I'd probably done the same the night or three before.
Another crowded thought for clouded minds.
Of broken promises I'd made a million times,
On how to let go, breathe, and do more exercise.

It's getting colder as the days merge into one.
I best just lay my head and pray for morning sun.

So from this moment on he started drifting
And dreamed of colours that he'd never seen before.
In the all the types fruit he'd ever tasted.
The air was warm the sky was clear of water.
Beyond the lake were trees far as the eye could see.
This was the place we used to swim together.

Those things up on your chest look mighty comfy.
I may just lay my head and wait for morning sunbeams.

The wait is over.
So in we go.
To find a home.
Track Name: Spy Turtles
Awake to find the water rushing in through cracks in the ceiling.
Grab your oxygen supply and leave everything behind.
Dive in.

Avoiding all debris, swim to the bottom of the sea.
Find some shelter try and breathe, we could be here for a while.

This house was shifting in our sleep from right under our feet, down to the ocean floor.
Stay strong, we are with you all along, spotting you for sharks in the shadows of the rocks.
Track Name: Spy Dolphin
Day dreams of summer trees, and your hair in the breeze.
Witness the life in the tall grass, let's do this more often.
The ground shakes, as I awake, under rocks on the sea floor where our house laid.
Where just a few days ago I made you breakfast in bed.
But the house caved into the ground when the ocean swallowed it down to the bottom.
The tank's running out of oxygen.
I have been rendered to shark feed.
No help in sight, but sharp teeth and an appetite.

I see their eyes surround me.

Stayed at home for way too long.
Now I'm destined for the deep blue sea.

No help in sight.
Big appetites.
I'll be fine for one more night.

Wait until the coast is clear, you can float your way to the surface.
Keep a wary eye concentrated on the distance or you'll end your days counting hours in the bottom of the sea.
Wait until the coast is clear, you can float your way to surface where you'll end your days with purpose.
Keep a wary eye concentrated on the distance, you'll be on you're way out. 
Track Name: Daniel Craig David
Bird song awakens my ears.
The sea water at my feet, could this be the end of me?
Washed ashore was the front door to our house.
One way way out, through the shark fins.
I'll take my chance, could be my last.

No looking back on what was left behind. 
The shoreline disappears as I sail forward on this wooden wreck, in search or more.

In search of land to fill this everlasting longing for that stable ground.
Where earthquakes happen only twice a year (perhaps once if we're lucky).

It came from the sea (or never we'd be lucky).
The limbs lashing down fractured holes in my door.
The memories we built with our hands were erased when you came in and destroyed everything.

Waves crashing down on me.
My door will not hold for long.
Track Name: Strongthany
Still waters, splintered skin.
For now, the storm has died down.
My door, torn and fractured.
Afloat among these troubled seas unaccompanied for days on end.

The skies are grey but winds have changed direction finally.
The thought of all now far behind no longer bothers me.
Afloat among these troubled seas unaccompanied for days on end.

Through all the lies and tired eyes, and struggles he could not foresee.
Afloat among these troubled seas, unaccompanied.
Through all the lies and tired eyes, he finally was able to see.
That land is bound show itself, as well as all the fish in the sea.

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