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Christian Segerstrom
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Christian Segerstrom This album has permeated my being at a subconscious level. I find myself constantly humming the melodies from these songs, and every lyric speaks to me. My absolute favorite mathrock band. Favorite track: Camp Adventure (feat. Natalie Evans).
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P4ked i used to have this alcoholic landlord who would come over and try to look like he knew what he was doing, or cared. one time as he was leaving he fell down the stairs. he got up and drove away. 8.1/10
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Kevin's_Bacon the world needs you, Delta Sleep
Joakim Wiesner
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Joakim Wiesner Yet another fantastic band discovered. Favorite track: 16:40 AM.
Sunset Architect
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Sunset Architect Just got turned on. Great Beatcast video for Dustbusters. This one has been very promising so far. Favorite track: Dustbusters.
Hannah Nicklin
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Hannah Nicklin Saw them live for the first time in Brighton the other day. New EP. Glorious mix of twiddly math, silken vocals and SCREAMING. These are all the things I like.
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released May 20, 2013



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Track Name: 16:40 AM
Old man, staring outwards, fills his thoughts with contemplation.
Sitting, soaked in sunlight, staring downwards to the bench beneath him.

"Hey there! What's your name?" Crawling up to him, it talks again.
"What are you doing sitting? This ain't no place for kind old men like you."

"Wait for yourself down there, you'll find a way out. We'll meet again somewhere, I can feel it in my plumbs."

Old man, your eyes don't need direct sunlight! Staring too long will blind your sight.

- "Watch out! I'm just an insect, you nearly stepped on my head!"
- "I've been outside now waiting for so long. What's done is done get up now carry onwards. And stop all staring straight into the sun. The light will (lead you)."

Run for (the light) will lead you, no need to chase it down my boy.
Track Name: Jesus Bill!
Walking the street one night he recognizes nothing around him.
Finding himself lost for the first time, he starts shaking, finds a seat to breathe in the surroundings and gather his whereabouts.

Thinking way out loud, he mutters: "I'll get by, I'll be fine... I'll get by, I'll be fine."
Working out a way home when the irony surfaces, showing him what was missed.
"I'll get by, I'll be fine... I'll get by and I'll be fine!" 
Working out way home when he (figures out the words to say hoping that it's not too late).

"Wait until I get home, before choosing ways to the unknown. Push aside the urge to fall, carry on instead, ain't no need to feel alone!".

"Wait... Feel the ground... Touch it... Watch as it grows now."
Track Name: Camp Adventure (feat. Natalie Evans)
The obstacles in sight should never have the right to be part of the problem.
But even if we tried, we'd hardly have the time to spend in living our lives right.
Don't say that I could change, cuz even if you stayed we'd still be climbing up this mountain.
So let us go our ways and skip out all the pain, and forget all the...

Bricks we've laid into this path yet the house remains undone.
Flooding at every cloud, and withering in the sun.
How's one meant to grow when walls keep caving in.
The ceiling above us, has denied it's existence in...

Bridges built for better days but they won't hold our weight.
The ropes have been wearing thin, and tangling in the wind.
How's one meant to grow when walls keep caving in.
The ceiling above us, has denied it's existence in...

Of all the times we tried, I've still been up all night writing songs of you.
And even though you're gone they will still live on in a memory or two.
Of all the streets I see, no one will ever be comparable to you.
And with these words I go, I just wanted you to know, that my dreams are still of you.
Track Name: Dustbusters
In hiding you'll find the shadows of time will recite the words that you could not say, eloquently most oftenly misleads the words in the shadows will put you to sleep.
Say, eloquence most oftenly misleads the words in the shadows will put you to sleep.

A bird, crippled in flight, is unlikely to fall. It's wings will glide it to safety.
Now run, open those arms.
Set assumptions aside, surprises will (creep up on you).
Track Name: So Say We All
Leave all your thoughts I cause.
Why not take the route out?

Think of words that your mouth once said.
Where now?

Blind and stranded.

Don't forget where all this started.

See what's before you how life will adore you will see your (path).

Run without looking or searching for things to turn around.

Run now, while thinking and hoping, for those things could turn your world around.

Wake the fuck up!

And find your way to break out of the cycle you're made to flee from.
Look! Sun shines bright, (we) just might 
shake disaster, live thereafter, break out of the cycle you're found in. The spinning must end!

The cycle is ending, let's make our way out to the sun before the hours stop. 
If you break disaster, we'll live ever after in times like these, the times that matter.

All wake the fuck up, and make our way out to the sun before the hour stops.

If you break the disaster we'll live ever after my son.