Ghost City

by Delta Sleep

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njstolte Sheer glorious, epic beauty; prog-y, math-y, indie beauty. Each track stands on its own while also being a cohesive and fluid story on the whole. Grand work, some of Delta Sleep's best (especially live!) Favorite track: After Dark.
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blurrybynature Mesmerisingly beautiful music, with a brooding, yet strangely uplifting narrative that stirs an elated kind of sadness in the soul. Cannot get enough of this album. Favorite track: Sans Soleil.
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nnumann This is such a grand album. Everything is bigger, better and mixed flawlessly. Like the intro drummer says "I was born ready" Awesome band, awesome album Favorite track: Single File.
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‘Ghost City’ was written over the course of two years, between the bands tours in Europe, Japan and Mexico, before heading to Northern Italy to record it. “We figured it was the same price to record in Italy, so we brought our friend and producer Mark Roberts along for the ride,” says Devin Yuceil (vocals/guitar), “we booked a bunch of shows on the way down which pretty much covered our recording costs, which also meant that we had around a week of playing the new material everyday leading to the studio, a luxury we don’t often have.”

Conceptually, the new album is a tech-noir wherein the world now operates as one city in a collective consciousness under the rule of vast tech firms - organic nature and wildlife are a thing of the past, a myth. Centred around a female protagonist who exists as a cog in the machine, ‘Ghost City’ is both bleak and dystopian but at times also uplifting and oddly cathartic; exploring existentialism, mundanity, oppression and ultimately the negative effects of technology on the world.


released August 10, 2018

Delta Sleep is:
Devin Yüceil - Guitar & Vocals
Glen Hodgson - Guitar
Dave Jackson - Bass
Blake Mostyn - Drums

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All songs written and performed by Delta Sleep
All lyrics written by Devin Yüceil
Recorded and produced by Mark Roberts at MAM Studios in Cuneo, IT.
Vocals and Extra bits recorded at Small Pond Studios in Brighton, UK.
Synths and Keys performed by Samuel Organ aka "Skateboard".
Guest vocals on Single File, Dotwork and Floater by Lily Gray.
Mastered by Tim Rowkins at Hell Yeah! Mastering in Brighton, UK.

All artwork by Owen Findley at Or8 Design
© & ℗ Delta Sleep 2018. Under exclusive license to Big Scary Monsters Recording Company Ltd


all rights reserved



Delta Sleep UK

It's been a stacked 12 months for Delta Sleep. The band released the excellent 'Ghost City' (Big Scary Monsters) in August 2018, which saw them land at #1 on the Bandcamp Rock Chart and clock 5million Spotify streams by the close of the year.

Where they would be forgiven for stopping for a breather, they have instead just announced a mini world tour and a new mini album Younger Years
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Track Name: Sultans Of Ping
Soft sound so soothing.
Something that sits so deep in the back of your head while you’re asleep.
I caught you running, for something so far away knowing you could not spend another day (knowing you cannot not stay forever).
Track Name: After Dark
Night turns to day.
Light takes the whole town.
Smoke fills the skyline one shade of grey.
It makes it hard to see when dust gets in your eyes.
The air too thick to breathe.
Won’t make it out alive.

Day turns to nightlife, noise fills my ear holes.
Echoes of a concrete world, deafening sense. Senseless.

I’d give my whole world to find a way out (of here).
Inhale the fumes? Please I might as well drown.
The City grows far beyond what we are now.
I’d give my whole world to find a way out.
Track Name: Single File
Wake up to a world overcast in concrete skies.
Where the smell of exhaust is a factor in people’s daily lives.
You elevate to earn yourself the status,
then walk home alone at the end of the day in single file.

Hard to come to terms with how they do it,
when the streets are lined with houses you can’t live in.

Meagre sleep to spend time in tall buildings,
in front of scrolling numbers on computer screens.
All her friends stay logged into the system,
in fear of what would go down if they tried to hide.

Hard to come to terms with how they do it,
when the air is formed of things that you can’t breathe in.
Scan the streets in search of something better.
I’ve been here since I can remember.

Hard to come to terms with all the consequence at stake to stay there. She’d lie awake for hours dreaming up a better place, where maybe...
Hard to come to terms with all the effort that it takes, to stay here.
She’d lie awake for hours thinking of another way.
My Lady, you’re gone. It’s done.

My mind is racing but I can’t feel my head.
This world an island, isolated conscience buried in the sand. Sleeping.
The blurry memories they come as they go,
so hard to focus when The City watches everything you do,
and stops you from dreaming. I’m leaving. Soon.
Track Name: Dotwork
Wide awake in bed at 4:16am,
trying to grab a hold of thoughts around her head.
Constant existential questions have been keeping her from living free.

Living through a screen for most part of the day.
The City holds her dreams in all too many ways.
Wondering what’s beyond The City’s endless limits. No one knows. Rumour has it no one’s ever been.

At times you realise this wasn’t how you wrote your life in classroom exposés.
And looking at the sky should alleviate the worst in us, not keep it trapped inside.

Pack your things and leave.
Head for the border, whatever is outside The City. Please tell me these buildings don’t go on forever.
It’s for sure, whatever existence is out there can’t be any worse than this one already is.

Wait, I’ll follow but first I need the time to go find a place we see the sunset and more than just three stars. I know you’re down with that.
There must be more to life than concrete walls, with endless corridors.
So push aside your biggest regrets, to learn your mother tongue.
We’ve still got time for that. There must be more to life than concrete walls.
Track Name: Dream Thang
If I stop running to the outer edge of town,
they will find me and make me forget...
That when I wake up, two months down the line,
I would set out to do it all again.
Though I know I might not reach the end.

Don’t know nothing of where these sewers lead.
I’m just guessing it’s to a brighter place.
Where time moves slower and work is off the clock.
Where thoughts are happier and never under watch.
And I know I might not reach the end,
but if I try now something’s bound to break.
Track Name: Sans Soleil
Lift my head up from the foreign ground I lay upon.
Waking in the dark end of the longest day.
Cold and broken, still I haven't slept as well as this in days.

Walking on these feet for what now feels like centuries.
The City streets still sing into my inner ears.
Burnt out, scarred and bruised but I just made through - onto.

Blurry thoughts of times, in buildings I have left behind,
disappear like mist under the morning sun.
Nature takes me back.
Back to all the childhood stories that you told, when we still had a home.

Dare I go right off the precipice, following the footsteps of no one else?
Found myself between routine and heartache,
knowing it was not a life to lead.
Cold and all alone,
still I feel more at home
sleeping rough under this tree
than back in District 3.
Track Name: El Pastor
Riding a river, over the creek.
Climbing a mountain, crossing a stream.
Only in dreams would I ever see this. Only in dreams.
Down in the forest air is so clean,
walking through nature I have never seen (or even knew was there).
Cat, bird, and deer all live together.
I can’t believe it - air is so clean.
Walking through nature I have never seen.

Everything's so beautiful in full colour.

Been out of The City for over two weeks.
Almost forgotten, the sadness it breeds.
Work for a leader that no one has seen,
stare at a screen that feeds on your dreams.
Out in the nature air is so clean,
looking at creatures I have never seen, and couldn't even name.
And they speak our language,
and they speak saying:

“Everything's so beautiful in full colour”.
Never thought I'd see the sky with bare eyes.

Tall grass is everywhere.
This could end the suffering.

Before you know you’ll find a home
where nature grows in complex forms,
and stretches far beyond the sea.
The lake is ours lets make it breathe.
Before you know you will soon find a home where nature grows.
Track Name: Floater
Here I stand,
blood on my hands,
at the edge of all I've known
to exist.
A life that consists
of getting by
under all those
flashing lights.

There she was,
faint and dumbstruck,
a passerby
to all her life
could have been.
A joyless routine,
an empty jar
at the bottom.

When they said to me
the sky will be a thing that you could see if you let it.

All she ever wanted was to find
a place where she could sit and watch the sunrise,
in real time.
Instead of through the automated screens that feed on
her dreams.
All we wanted was a life,
away from being plugged into mainline
at all times.
Standing with the combination key that opens
our dreams.
Track Name: Afterimage
Soft sound so soothing whisk her away.
Far from the border, towards brighter days.
The City is something that sits so deep in the back of her head while she’s asleep: “Find home, again”.

I caught her running down by the stream.
With all types of creatures she’d never see
in The City she left. With something that sits so deep in the back of her head while she’s asleep: “Find home, somewhere so far away” knowing you could not spend another day.
In a City that slowly intoxicates with every breath that we would take. Found home, again.

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